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  • If you’re looking for a fun or an environmentally friendly way to get around, there’s now a plethora of electric transportation available.

  • You’re a senior or almost one. You’ve lived your life as a straight person, maybe with a spouse, children and grandchildren. Your friends know you as straight. So does your community. But that’s not who you are.

  • The proposal was intriguing: trade your house for one in Northern Ireland for a couple of weeks at a great cost savings to both parties. The visitors from Ulster would treat Doug Ross’s Nepean home as if it were their own and Ross and his wife at the time would be expected to do the same.

  • Brian Hills lost his wife of 46 years in fewer than five months — the hardest four months of his life. He and his beloved wife Sam had just returned from Cuba when she got the diagnosis — her third bout of breast cancer, and this one had metastasized.



A guide to your new e-ride

Sales of e-bikes, which offer a little help on the hills but can still be solely people-powered for exercise, have surged since 2020. 

On my way out

Coming out later in life can be challenging, but if you manage it well, it can also be rewarding. 

The great house swap

Offering your house as an exchange with someone in a country you want to visit is one way to minimize accommodation costs.  

Caregiving’s unsung heroes

As many as one in four Canadians will be unpaid caregivers to a friend or loved one over the course of their lives. The federal government does very little for them. 

The facts on fasting

The concept of intermittent fasting is everywhere, but is it sensible? Sage60 talks to the founder of this kind of fasting about how and why it works.

Securing the future

There are a number of resources and strategies for aging parents who have children with disabilities whose futures they want to ensure are safe and positive.

A founding father of Federal Retirees

Claude Edwards was elected to the job of president three times and leaves a lasting legacy for retirees through his significant on-the-job victories.

Post-retirement purpose

Seniors are increasingly turning to spirituality, either through mindfulness or religion, to give meaning to their lives.